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to the Collection of the World’s Largest Publisher and Distributor of Harp Music!



International Music Service was founded by the late Don Henry in 1950 when he became acutely aware of the lack of accessibility to quality music in the harp repertoire. He then began researching, discovering and publishing harp music. During his 37 years in this niche, he had acquired and compiled a formidable catalog of harp music, which continues to grow each year. Over 4,500 titles are listed, a great number of which were published by him under the logo LYRA MUSIC COMPANY. He had also subscribed to the publications of many other publishers of harp music. Our catalog represents mostly the standard classics as well as some popular harp music. The prices are competitive and music usually truly available upon request. LYRA MUSIC publications are sold direct to customers, as well as through leading harp music dealers in the U.S. and Worldwide. Promptness in service and affordability in prices are among the noted qualities of this business.


In his quest to serve all harpists efficiently and cost-effectively, Don Henry established his “Harp Headquarters” in the center of New York City at LYRA HOUSE. Since Don’s passing in 1995, his wife Mikki Henry has continued the operations of the business in honor of his dedication and service to his calling.


Since 2013 Vanderbilt Music Comapny has become the sole distributor for Lyra Publications - International Music Archive Collection where the business continues to flourish in its tradition of SERVICE TO HARPISTS AROUND THE WORLD. Now this updated edition of this voluminous catalog is yours to enjoy and enhance your repertoire.




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